The Manor

Once home to notorious Dr. Graystone, Graystone Manor has somehow remained intact all these years. Some say that what happened there was so tragic, so vile, that the spirits that linger are trapped, unable to cross over. Unfortunately, over the years these kind souls have become warped and twisted, searching for a way out. That way out is through you. Experience the crème de le crème of a true haunted house experience, with vengeful spirits, and ghoulish delights. If you make it out, hopefully the ghosts won’t follow you home. Whatever you do, don’t look them in the eyes.

Oak Raven Cemetery

Oak Raven Cemetery is home to not only the Graystone family’s bodies, but other nefarious creations made by Dr. Graystone. Experience true fear while walking through the twists and turns of the cemetery. Find out what lurks in the shadows of the crypts. If you don’t escape the zombies that are free range, don’t worry we reserved a grave just for you.

Labyrinth of Time

What happened to Dr. Graystone? Dr. Graystone was a quiet man. Some say he was brilliant but others, well they thought he was crazy. Enter Dr. Graystone’s finest work, and his deepest regret. It’s up to you to fix his mistakes through time and make it out alive before your time is up. Travel through different moments that he was in and find his mistakes, but do not make the same. See truly horrifying sights and experience the smells of death and decay throughout the ages. Come face to face with some of time’s greatest nightmares. If you make it through all that you still must encounter where he met his match in the Karnival of Carnage.

Karnival of Karnage

Dr. Graystone curated this carnival of horrors back in the late 50’s through his time travel adventures thinking it would be his salvation and the people would love him again. Slowly one by one his freaks turned on him, and now they have turned the tables on you. You will be trapped with the most dangerous specimen who have sent in the clowns. Beware of them though, because they are not ordinary clowns, and they will have the last laugh. This attraction is in 3D and will be sure to leave your head rolling on the floor. Well unless that clown puts his axe down, then you might make it out with your head intact.

Spooky Woods

Deep in the woods is an old dilapidated cabin, covered with vines and moss and half buried in the mud. It’s known as Spooky Woods, a place where the most beastly and primitive killers imaginable live. Strange how the tales get told of the brutal slayings, dismemberments and desperate screams because anyone who ventures near the woods never returns home again.


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